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The year 1999 is the year when Tiriac Leasing started its business, under the name Molesey Leasing Group. Starting with 2000, the company continued to operate under the name Tiriac Leasing, underlining its membership in the group. Later, in August 2007, the company name was supplemented with the acronym “IFN”, because the company was registered with the National Bank of Romania as a non-banking financial institution.

Initially established to support the car sales of the Tiriac Group, the company has developed into a self-sufficient business, under a diversification policy, providing financial leases for the entire range of new and used vehicles, from cars to commercial fleets.

Having been a member of the Association of Financial Companies - ALB Romania since December 2006, Tiriac Leasing has had an active presence in the market.



As part of Tiriac Group, Tiriac Leasing aims to bring the business features of the Tiriac brand to the area of financial services, namely: confidence, reliability, success and customer orientation.

These are translated in constant adjustment of the financial services and brand features in order to promptly and professionally respond to our customers’ requirements and expectations, through reliable solutions.


Shareholding structure

Board of Directors:

Dihel Management Services SRL

ITH Management Office SRL

Ivan Alexandru


Shareholding structure:

99.9543% Molesey Holdings Ltd

0.0457 % Hyundai Auto Romania




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