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Derulare Leasing
Why leasing?
  New vehicle
Second-hand vehicle
  Fleet management
  Equipment in leasing
Necesary Documents

A second-hand car with Tiriac Leasing
Tiriac Leasing offers financing to natural, natural certified and legal persons for any used vehicle bought from authorized dealers in Romania.

Steps in acquiring financing for a second hand car:
  • choose the vehicle you want to lease-to-buy and the car dealer
  • choose with the dealer the technical details, the purchase price, and the delivery term for the vehicle
  • fill in the leasing file and submit it to the car dealer or the Tiriac Leasing representative
  • Tiriac Leasing analyzes the financing file and sends you  the final lease offer
  • Signing of the leasing contract and down payment
  • Tiriac Leasing purchases the vehicle under the conditions negotiated with the dealer
  • Tiriac Leasing insures the vehicle
  • The dealer delivers the vehicle, signing with the client the delivery/receival protocol
  • The leasing contract becomes effective
  • The leasing contract ends

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